The Good Housekeeping Seal

Here at Bath Planet, our products have the label the Good Housekeeping Seal. What is this seal you may ask? Well, let us tell you!

The Good Housekeeping seal is an emblem of the Good Housekeeping’s Consumers Policy. What this policy is offering is a limited warranty in the form of a refund, repair or replacement. If the product that carries our Seal is found to be defective within two years of purchase, the policy comes into play.

Good Housekeeping Seal

How the Good Housekeeping Seal benefits you

Smart customers seek out the seal when searching for home and family-based products.

According to the Good Housekeeping website:

  • “WE PROMISE this is Good Housekeeping’s LIMITED WARRANTY: If any product that bears our limited warranty Seal proves to be defective within two years from the date it was first sold to a consumer by an authorized retailer, we, Good Housekeeping, will refund the purchase price or $2,000, whichever is less or, at Good Housekeeping’s sole discretion, repair or replace the product.”

Good Housekeeping stands behind its seal so much that should something go wrong with your bath remodeling or shower remodeling products from Bath Planet they will take action to make it right.

With all of the awards, labels, and certifications out there already, what makes the Seals the most valuable to customers?

As stated above, the seals’ limited two-year warranty gives consumer financial protection. Other labels, certifications, and editorial recommendations or consumer awards do not.

No other consumer organization offers such a promise.

Furthermore, It also gives you peace of mind knowing that the acrylic products you bring into your home have been tested. The smartest people in the most advanced research lab are using the most modern methods possible to test these products.

To learn more about this, check out this short video:

Check out this FAQ page to see all the questions that people ask about the Seal:

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