Shower Thoughts: Did you know that most inspiration comes when in the shower?

Some of our best and brightest have come up with their genius ideas while in the shower (or bathing if we date back to before standing showers)! Shower Thoughts are something everyone experiences. We feel comfortable in the shower and can relax without distractions which is the perfect time to just THINK. 

A couple of mentions of people that came to a great idea in the shower were Jennifer Lopez, Nasa Engineer Jim Crocker, and Archimedes. They all had some inspiration while relaxing in the tub/shower.

shower thoughts

When it gets right down to it, the shower relaxes us which releases Dopamine (the CREATIVE chemical in our brain). This helps with coming up with great ideas. Sometimes, all it takes is a distraction to disengage you from a problem to look at it in a new light and come up with a solution.

However, there have been many times where I will have a great idea in the shower. It’s once I get out and get dressed, I forget what the genius idea was. One way to avoid missing out on these great ideas is to get a notepad for your shower to write down your Shower Thoughts! You must be saying, “But the paper will get wet?!”. Apparently, there are waterproof notepads called Aqua Notes that you can get for just this reason!

notepad to write shower thoughts

You could also just have a notepad in the bathroom somewhere. That would work just as well.

So where do we come into this situation? We are here to help you make your bathroom the way you want it. This way, you can be at your MOST comfortable while spending time in it. 

The perfect shower for having shower thoughts 

We are experts in bathroom design and can help turn your bathtub/shower into your “thinking” spot. Take a look at our Gallery to see all the different projects that we have done for our clients!


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