Most Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Renovating can be a hassle. And there are a lot of bathroom renovation mistakes that people make while doing bathroom renovations. Even some professional contractors make these common errors as well.

Here is a list of things not to do! We want your bathroom to come out on the other side of this renovation just like you imagined it.

Give your toilet space
example of a bathroom with no common mistakes
The toilet should have enough space to fit. Measure your plumbing clearances before you dive right into renovating so you know how much space to leave for the toilet.  Similarly, make sure to have at least 12 to 13 inches from the wall to the toilet flange. The last thing you want is to be almost finished the renovations and find out that you don’t have enough space to ensure proper drainage of the toilet. This is a great means of improving your chance of having bathroom renovation mistakes.

Ventilation is key
A means of preventing a bathroom mistake
Having proper ventilation in your bathroom is essential. Depending on what materials you decide to use for the bathroom, low ventilation can cause issues down the road. If there is not enough ventilation, the condensation will build up after a hot shower. It would run off of tile easily but if there is wallpaper in there, it will contain the moisture and cause peeling or worse, it can cause mold/grime build up. Having proper ventilation can avoid problems like these.

Position your towel bars
No mistakes in this bathroom
This is a small thing to take into consideration when constructing the bathroom. Positioning the towel rack close to the bathtub/shower is essential for a happy bather. Moreover, no one wants to have to walk across the room soaking wet to get a towel when they could have the option to just reach over and grab one.

Match the fixtures
Water in a bathroom sink
Certainly, it is a rule of thumb to not have more than 2 different kinds of fixture styles in the bathroom. This keeps the design looking clean and fresh and won’t confuse anyone with a showroom look.

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