How to Keep Warm After Showering in Winter

There’s nothing as inviting and embracing as a hot, relaxing shower. Conversely, there’s nothing more dreadful than stepping out of that shower and into the cold; especially during the winter. For Canadians, we know that the need to warm after showering in winter is essential to our everyday life.

how to stay warm after showering in winter

Nobody understands the importance of the shower quite like Bath Planet of North Bay.

And your post-shower experience should be just as enjoyable.

Here, then, are some helpful tips to keep you warm and toasty the moment you step outside of your shower doors.

Firstly, what causes that icy cold feeling?

Going back to high-school science class, the answer is evaporation.

Here’s what happens the moment you exit your shower:

  • The water that’s on your skin starts to evaporate (changing from a liquid to a gas)
  • In order to evaporate, the water needs heat energy
  • That heat energy comes from everywhere; including your body

As a result, the warm water that’s on your skin turns cold; and you do too.

Something else to consider is that your shower curtain accessory products keeps a lot of water vapour inside the shower.

That water vapour keeps the air in your shower warm and comfortable.

But as soon as you open the curtain, that warm air escapes and delivers an instant, cold jolt.

keep towels warm after showering in winterHang your towels over your shower rods

Here’s a question:

When does the cold really hit your body?


After you turn off the water but before you wrap yourself up in a towel.

By handing your hair towels and body towels over your shower rods, you minimize the time between warm water and cold air.

Some things to note:

  • Be sure to place your towels in a place where they won’t get soaked
  • Spread your towels wide open; don’t bunch them up

Don’t have a suitable place to hang your towels within arm’s reach?

Consider investing in a heated towel warmer. It is essential to keep warm after showering in winter

You can place it directly outside your shower wall and have a nice, warm and toasty towel ready when you are.

use to keep warm after showering in winter

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Crank up the heat

There’s a theory that taking a cold shower is beneficial because it acclimatizes your skin to the colder temperatures.

In reality, a cold shower in winter simply makes you numb.

So you step into your tub-to-shower conversion, turn up the water temperature as high as you can tolerate.

After that, your next step is to enjoy the shower.

Near the end of your shower, turn the water up so that it’s really hot. Not to the point of burning yourself, though.

When you’re starting to feel like it’s too hot (or more accurately, when you want the water to be colder), turn off the taps and dry yourself off as quickly as possible.

Why? You’ll have extra heat on you; enough that you can reach your towels without freezing in the process.

keep warm after showering in winter in a robeSplurge on a luxurious bathrobe

Here’s the difference between a bath towel and a bath robe:

  • Towels are meant to dry you off; once they’ve done that, they’re no longer useful
  • Bathrobes are meant to keep you warm and comfortable for an extended period of time

Think about it: Would you rather spend a lazy Sunday wrapped in a towel or a robe?

Exactly. You want the robe.

So if you haven’t already, treat yourself to a beautiful bath robe.

In the middle of winter, you’ll be glad you did. It’s essential if your goal is keeping warm after showering in winter

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