Fun Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Do you have a small bathroom and find it hard to manage with the little amount of space? We know that not all homes are big and some have to sacrifice room in the bathrooms to make other rooms bigger. But we are here for you!

We have done some research on how to make your small bathrooms work for you (or at least get a little creative in the process)! Even if it is tiny, we can help make it practical and functional. 

Put your sink in the corner!

Install a wall-hung or pedestal corner sink to save space on either side of the walls. This extra space could be used for a tub, toilet or towels. However, this is dependent on where your plumbing is located. We are professionals and can give you a consultation on this if you would like.

Try and find a tiny tub to fit your space!

Small bathrooms

There are many ways you can use a smaller tub to fit into any small bathrooms. If you have a bathroom with a slanted wall (under an eave), you could put the tub under that part since you are mainly sitting while in the tub.

“A standard bathtub is a minimum of 60 inches long and 30 to 32 inches wide. Within the scaled-down category, you’ll come across 30-inch-wide tubs that are as short as 48 inches. Keep in mind, however, that these are exterior dimensions. No matter how perfectly it may fit within your space, make sure you sit in the tub before you buy it to make sure it fits you.” – quoted from

If a tub isn’t working for you, we can find a way to install a shower in your space – we are experts at this!

Store your bathroom accessories to reduce clutter.

Small bathrooms

No matter what size your bathroom is, it will have walls. Try and use your wall space to place your less common bathroom items out of the way. You can get wall organizers for a decent price at any Walmart and this will help with organizing your bathroom items and having them close at hand while you are doing your business.

Install a narrow sink.

Small bathrooms

A lot of space isn’t really needed to wash your hands. A narrow sink can help give you more room to breathe. This makes it easier to get around in your already tight space.

Speaking of narrowing down bathroom items…

Install a tankless toilet.

Small bathrooms

Having a tankless toilet gives you about 6 inches of extra space. It might not sound like a lot but it really does make a difference. They do still need plumbing so the toilet will need to go where it has access to this. You could consider this one if it is achievable in your space but it is not the easiest one to do.

If you want help making your bathroom feel like a bigger space, feel free to get in touch with us and we can make it happen for you.

For more shower inspiration, visit our shower remodel page.

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