Bathroom Remodeling Costs

What is the average cost of remodeling a bathroom in North Bay?

You could ask 10 different North Bay homeowners what they spend on their bath remodeling projects and you’d get 10 different answers.

Many factors go into calculating bathroom remodeling costs:

  • bathroom remodelingNeeds: Simply repainting a bathroom has a much different cost than a bathtub-to-shower conversion. Your needs will dictate the cost.
  • Pro Installation: Having experts handle the remodeling process will ensure it’s done to your specifications and to code.
  • Bathroom Size: A bigger bathroom renovation requires a bigger budget. Plus, bath or shower remodeling can be 30% more in a condo (due to condo rules) than in a home.

Simply put, there are too many variables to account for to accurately say “your bathroom renovation is going to cost you X.”

And it would be unfair for Bath Planet of North Bay to give you inaccurate or incorrect information.

Bathroom renovation budget breakdown

Where does each dollar go towards your bathroom renovation?

Even though there’s no “set” cost towards remodeling a bathroom, below is a helpful estimator guide towards determining how your budget is spent.

  • Labour Costs: 20%
  • Cabinetry Work & Hardware: 16%
  • Fixtures: 15%
  • Faucets & Plumbing Work: 14%
  • Bathroom Countertops: 7%
  • Flooring: 9%
  • Door & Window Work: 4%
  • Paint: 5%
  • Bathroom Lighting: 5%
  • Design Fees: 4%
  • Incidental Costs: 1%

Again, the cost to remodel your bathroom is totally dependent on your needs.

For example, if you’re not planning on replacing the flooring, then that estimated 9% cost can be used somewhere else.

Tips to lower the average cost of your bathroom remodel

  • Get an in-home consultation: Having a design expert come to you for a FREE in-home consultation allows them to see exactly what you want.bathroom shower
  • Avoid the “snowball” effect: Saying “since we’re doing this, we might as well do that” too many times will inflate your budget. Always give second thought before saying “yes” to extra work.
  • Prioritize: For example, what’s more important: heated towel racks or keeping bathing independence with accessibility products? Know the difference between needs & wants.
  • Get inspired: Check out some bathroom inspiration ideas for your remodel. It’ll give you a better sense of what’s possible for your bathroom and shower.

Start with a FREE in-home consultation

No matter what your budget is, you won’t pay a single penny when you book a FREE in-home consultation with one of or design experts.

That’s where we bring product samples and talk about your bathroom renovation needs.

All in the comfort and convenience of your home.

When it’s done, you decide what happens next. There’s no pressure, commitments or expectations on our part. You’re in total control.

Take the first – and FREE – step towards getting the bathroom you want at a very affordable average cost.

Schedule a FREE in-home consultation today.


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