Bathtub Surrounds Created for Your Home

shower base tub replacementSome bathroom contractors will tell you a one-size-fits-all solution for bathroom surrounds is perfectly fine – maybe even a good, low budget option. We won’t. Generic bathroom surrounds are made of cheap, thin materials that won’t stand up to daily use for more than a couple years. Then you’ll see signs of cracking, wear and even mold.

Bath Planet bathtub surrounds are custom crafted to fit exactly over your existing, beat up walls. We use a heavy, high quality double acrylic. It’s completely non-pourous, so moisture has nowhere to stick around after your bath.

Mold and mildew are a thing of the past with your Bath Planet bathtub surrounds.

Value You Won’t Believe

Choose from all our designer colours and styles. We can craft any colour to the exact dimensions of your bathroom wall. Feel confident in the value of your investment when you see you’re getting:

  • A lifetime warranty
  • A low maintenance product
  • The quickest install around
  • Finishing details like wainscoting or trim knits

Find the Right Fit

We provide a level of customer service that focuses on generating referral business from satisfied clients.

The best way to find out if a renovation project with Bath Planet is right for you is to give us a call. We’ll listen to your bathroom design goals and requirements and if you decide to go ahead, visit your home for a free consultation. We’ll sort out exactly how we can turn your vision into reality and show you a price you won’t believe.




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