The Quality Replacement Bathtubs North Bay Loves

replacement bathtub whiteWhen you slide down into the hot, bubbly water in your bath tub does your head have a comfortable resting place? Is the tub deep enough that your shoulders and toes are both submerged and warm? Do you lay there dreading the 10 minutes you’ll have to spend scrubbing away the hard water residue after you’re out?

With the quality replacement bathtubs North Bay finds at Bath Planet, your tub will truly wash your worries away. We can turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with as little as a single day of work. If your discoloured, chipped and moldy tub is bringing you down, visit us for some great replacement bathtubs.

North Bay Knows We Stand Behind Our Products

Every replacement bathtub we carry includes a lifetime warranty. We can do this because we know every product is…

  • Long lasting – with scratch, stain and chip resistance
  • Easy to install – it just takes us a day and we’re confident it will last a lifetime
  • Low maintenance – these materials naturally resist mold and mildew, and have no grout lines for mould to hide in
  • Timeless – high gloss acrylic and a load of patterns and colours will make your bathroom a haven

Tranquility at Home

When you choose us for your replacement bathtubs, North Bay, you choose warmth, tranquility and comfort. It’s not every day you redesign a room (or rooms) in your home, and we know you want to feel confident in your choice.

Contact us today to talk about your hopes and wants for your new bathroom and schedule a free, in-home consultation to find out the different ways we can make your vision spring to life.




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