Are Your Bathtub Walls a Little Too High? Bathtub Inserts Can Fix That

walk-in shower accessibility productsOur step-through bathtub inserts are created to give you an affordable renovation option to increase the accessibility of your bathtub/shower combo. We can convert your bathtub to a walk in shower quickly so you won’t have to put up with a long and expensive renovation process.

No matter what material your bathtub is made from, you can have a step-through insert installed!

Why Choose A Step-Through Bathtub Insert?

These bathtub inserts are great for more than just their affordability:

  • Quick and easy installation – no need to tear out your existing tub, no need to change your life to accommodate workers around the house for days
  • Safer bathing – Gives you easy access to your new shower and significantly reduces the chances of slips, trips or falls
  • Low maintenance – No grout lines and a smooth, non-pourous surface makes it very easy to clean. Mold and mildew have nowhere to form
  • Lifetime warranty – We’re so sure our products will last, we provide a full lifetime warranty

Easy Access to Comfort

The insert creates a passage that is about 24 inches wide and 8 inches deep. With the threshold lowered to just a few inches from the floor, showering is far safer.

And the independence gained from free access to the tub is priceless.

We’re proud to provide a level of customer service that focuses on generating referral business from satisfied clients. When you choose bathtub inserts from Bath Planet, you’re choosing a business dedicated to your satisfaction.

The best way to find out if a step-through bathtub insert is right for you is to give us a call. We’ll listen to your needs and, if you decide to go to the next step, visit your home for a free consultation to sort out exactly how we can make your tub more accessible.

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